Snoozy Beta 1.14

Postpone any alarm or warning on your PDA


  • Set snooze time from one minute to five hours
  • Three different snooze page layouts


  • You can't manually enter your own snooze time


The 'snooze' feature on alarm clocks is perhaps one of the best inventions of all time and makes getting up a much more bearable task. The Palm also includes its own snooze function but anyone who has used it will testify that it is pretty limited.

In fact, when a task or alarm alerts you, you only have the option of 'snoozing' it for five minutes.

Snoozy changes all that. When an alarm is activated, Snoozy intercepts the message and displays a new window similar to the Snooze fucntion of clocks, letting you set your snooze time for any period from one minute to five hours.

It is compatible with both appointments and calendar events and displays as a task in the list of scheduled tasks. While it does give you completely precise over the snooze time, making you choose from 12 preset time periods rather than entering your own time manually.

When your Calendar alerts you, or your Butler alarm goes off or your Task shows as due, the Palm gives you a screen that lets you snooze. Until now, you could only snooze for five minutes.

Snoozy fixes that. You can choose from three new snooze page layouts with complete customisability of your snoozing! You pick how long you want to snooze for!



Snoozy Beta 1.14

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